WebDrives .. Made Simple!

Create, Upload, and Manage temporary password protected web storage for external parties. Hosted in the cloud and optimized for very fast downloads, CBO Web Share has nearly unlimited storage and is highly available.

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WebDrive Features

  • Easy - Stop sending emails with large attachments that get blocked by spam filters or size restrictions.
  • Flexibile - Shares can be a single file or webpage that you design linking to additional content
  • Fire-and-Forget - Sites automatically expire. You can extend the site longer if your project requires it.
  • Secure - Sites are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and accessible from any platform, device, or browser.

Introduction to IRM WebDrives

Welcome to IRM WebDrives, a CBO Managed storage system hosted in the cloud. Possible Use Cases include:

  • Creating temporary Websites for Special Events (Ex. PEA Panels)
  • Sending large files to non-CBO parties securely without resorting to email
  • Control access to files until you want it released
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Steps to Getting Your Public Webdrive Running

  1. Login to the CBO WebDrives

    Login to the tool using your CBO domain credentials. It's the same as your username and password to logon to your Windows machine.Afterwards, setup your MFA token.
  2. Create a New WebDrive

    Once logged in, click on "Public Webdrives" and then "New Public WebDrive". Enter the name of the Drive, its expiration date, and its start page. For websites, we reccomend creating an index.htm file as your start page. For single file shares, enter the filename of the file you wish to share.
  3. Upload your files to the WebDrive.

    Once your WebDrive has been provisioned, click "Edit" on your newly created WebDrive. Click "File Management" to access the WebDrive File Manager. Click "Browse" and select your files. Firefox, Chrome & IE 10+ users can just drag and drop multiple files into the window.
  4. Have your Supervisor validate the New WebDrive

    Once the WebDrive is created, an email will be sent your listed supervisor. If the listed supervisor is not correct or missing, please contact Service Desk. If your supervisor approves, he/she should click on the provided link to approve this WebDrive.
  5. Grant access to your Audience

    Once validated, you'll be able to grant access to access the share. Edit the webdrive and add your intended audience by email. Email will be sent out to audience with access link and passcode.
  6. Manage the WebDrive

    Your share will automatically stop working when the expiration date arrives. The data in the share will be temporarily suspended from public access at that time.
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